A young company with a dynamic attitude, MOLECULES LLC, established in the year 2010 is headquartered in Oman, with a global attitude towards business. The Group covers a wide spectrum of activities, from shipping and logistics to bunkering, Information technology, specialized raw materials for small arm ammunitions, Oilfield Supplies, out sourcing, health care, Interior Design and execution and much more. Molecules LLC is proud to partner with

ARMAGHAN GROUP which is established In IRAN in 1997 by a youth and vivid team which has won a high reputation within its client network like Tehran Municipality as a governmental client and so many private client. As a specialist, the strategy that exists within MOLECULES INTERIOR consists mainly of professionalism and team work. And now, to meet the diverse requirements of OMAN Interior designing market, recently we expand our business Model and

Products from Tehran IRAN to Muscat OMAN especially in Interior designing, Gypsum fit out GRC, GRG, GRP, Painting, handcraft tiles and gold leaf. At MOLECULES we strongly believe that corporations’ out performance is directly linked to how intelligently their workplace environment is designed and built as a motivator.


Man as one of the most effective Middle East countries which is ranked as the most competitive economy in the Middle East region by economists based on a high-quality institutional framework, stable macro-economic conditions, and effective infrastructure and construction market. On the one hand, most attractive and stable business environment especially in Interior designing project convinced us to start extending Molecules missions in Omani Interior and construction division. On the other hand, we joint with Iranian artist and designer accompanies since they have more than 20 years execution back ground and their culture are very close to Omani attitude like Islamic design, modern design and mix classic.

MOLECULES measure the excellence of its activities by:

  • Quality of customer’s service
  • Quality and variety of products range
  • Best team environment
  • Enhancement of the company’s image
  • Professionalism and consistency as the main yard stick for long term Success

MOLECULES core values are based on:

  • Excellence: highest quality
  • Integrity: outstanding customer service

Signature Style Customization

  1. Gypsum molding products
  2. Gypsum Fit out GRG/GRC/GRP
  3. Interior finishes and design
  4. Especial painting and gold leaf
  5. Illuminated Art
  6. Mirror Decoration

Gypsum MOLDING Products

By using combination of technical expertise and skilled work force, 80%pureGypsum blend and strict process and quality control, Gypsum molding produced with the following benefits:

Light weight, easy handling and installation Compared to similar pieces in the market,

The outer surface of the molds are very smooth and whiteout any porosity High strength, more durable to bumping and damage and better screw holding capability,

Stable quality and high durability, less sag in humid areas.

High quality paper facilitates fine decoration and paint savings.

Contains only natural gypsum.

Gypsum MOLDING Types



We provide a friendly comprehensive interior design service for residential and commercial projects throughout the OMAN We conceive our company as the best in the fit out market; hence, we make it a point to upgrade our fit out work and be on par if not go beyond the competitors. We dedicate our professional ability in providing the finest fit out service imaginable. Since client satisfaction is one of the main philosophies in our company, our team will always make you, our client, the main priority in the entire fit our process. Once client decides to seek our services, we immediately conceptualize the whole process of the project.


Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Glass-fiber

Reinforced Gypsum (GRG)

Glass-fiber Reinforce Plastic (GRP)

GRC GRG GRP are the most versatile and innovative building materials available today and are making a significant contribution to cost saving, technology and to the aesthetics of the construction industry worldwide. Molecules designs, manufactures and installs GRC GRG GRP solutions, working closely with architects, owners, and contractors to develop the most approach without altering the design intent. These products from Molecules conform to international standards, giving confidence to our customers and ensuring best in class developments in all their aspects.

Interior Design Residential and commercial

Our defining strength is our ability to harness creative intelligence — both ours and our clients to develop solutions informed by a prism of perspectives, experiences, technologies and cultures. Our firm is purposely built to foster this high-level of multidisci­plinary thinking, allowing our teams to assess situations from all angles and identify opportunities to improve rather than conform. This synergistic method allows us to identify and connect the best ideas across industries and geographies. We blend our diversity of expertise with empirical and ethnographic research, immersing ourselves in our clients’ worlds to understand their needs in their con­text. This “in the field” approach enables us to understand how each client defines value and how it can be translated into opportuni­ties everyone can get behind. Together, this fusion of intelligence and research allows us to not only generate new ideas, but understand how best to apply them. It allows us to develop solutions that meet performance expectations, adapt to change, and position our clients for success. It makes us not only designers, but partners in health, pioneers in education, innovators in workplace strategy preservers of culture, and creators of a better tomorrow.

Special Painting

Molecules painting department is a full-service painting company providing professional, high-quality painting solutions at affordable prices. We have provided especial painting services consist of gold leaf and gold painting, lady design and other type of painting for residential and commercial customers. With our team of skilled and experienced professional painters, our mission is to make your next painting project stress-free and affordable. You can count on beautiful, long-lasting results backed by our customer guarantee.

Illuminated Art

Illumination was a complex and frequently costly process. It was usually reserved for special books such as Quran, Literary and poetry books. In contemporary times, Illuminated art is the especial technique of art, which is widely used in interior decoration, carpet design and other arts area. Molecules has a special innovative and stunning artists and designers for this type of artwork for designing and executing at your commercial and residential area. We value inclusion and diversity because it energizes our people.

Mirror Decoration

The spirit of our culture and the passion of our people to make you home, hotel office a better place by bringing the best ideas and solutions to the table, crafted by different people from different places with different perspectives. Mirrors aren’t just designed to add a decorative touch to an interior. They are also the perfect solution for making a space feel brighter and larger here in MOLECULES we have professional mirror decorator team which are capable to create modern an classic style custom design.

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Other Art Services

Tell us which are your favorite art and painting techniques and let us match you with the perfect artist for your project from a mural painting, to the best wall art ideas for your office or a live painting session for your corporate party. The ideas are almost endless. Let us find you the best 3D street artists or the most beautiful design for your shop’s windows. Tell us what you’re

Looking for and we can take care of the rest!



  • Villa in Qurum 1500 sq.
  • Villa Al Khoud mazun Sq. 2000 Sq.
  • Commercial building mosana.
  • MCD Project commercial.
  • Ruwi Commercial and residential tower.
  • Mubailah 12 floor Palace.
  • Al khoud ministries Area.
  • Villa Al Khoud 6 1000 Sq.
  • Villa Mawaleh 1000 Sq.
  • Villa Madinat Qabus 1200 Sq.
  • Villa Al Khoud 700 Sq.
  • Villas Bosher 1000 & 750 sq.
  • Villa Al Khoud 7 800 Sq.
  • Villa Al khoud 1000 sq.