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Molecules Medical LLC provides quality health care products and services to the ever growing and dynamic Health Care Industry of Oman. Molecules Medical LLC, came into being in 2017 following a makeover from its earlier avatar as Majan Pharmacy & stores in 2009. Molecules Medical has grown from strength to strength in establishing itself as a reliable partner for supplying Medicine, Surgical, Pharmaceuticals and Medical equipment.

Partners enjoy our strength of being registered with all the major Government & Ministry hospitals in Oman and our excellent rapport with all the private health centers, pharmacies and clinics in Oman.

Oman is a country that is exceedingly welcoming, celebrating individualism and promoting the right to be comfortable in your own natural beauty and style. When it comes to beauty, Gold jewelry and cosmetics completes the outfit of Omani Women. They are always exploring new trends and products to enhance their natural beauty. Molecules LLC, is aware of this enthusiasm in the market and is an ardent supporter of this cause. We started our business in beauty products and skincare, solicitous of the emerging demand for quality and natural beauty and skin care products.


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