Retail & Wholesale Trading

Retail & Wholesale Trading

A constant effort of Molecules LLC is to explore global trusted partners and collaborate with them so that Oman and other GCC countries will have exposure to quality brands. The brands also benefit from our growing expertise and network in the region to extend their operational boundaries, introduce their product range and also to research and produce products for the Middle East region. Our yesteryear experience in retail gives us the leading edge to obtain the required license and set up stores and warehouses at prominent locations and run an effective and profitable retail & wholesale business.



Our Retail & Wholesale Brands

Electronica Tough Carb Ltd, India

Molecules LLC in its pursuit for excellence in raw materials for small arms ammunition production, related to defence activities, is collaborated with Electronica Tough Carb Ltd. ETCL is a High Tech Engineering Group which has been a pioneer in the Indian market for EDM and Wire Cut EDMs. Our Wholesale division joined hands with ETCL – India’s leading end-to-end Tungsten Carbide solutions provider, to provide the necessary supplies needed for producing ammunition by the Oman defence authorities.

Alix Avien Paris

Molecules LLC is partnered with Sora Cosmetics Group to present the global brand Alix Avien. The brand, now mesmerizing the world with its popular colors and stunning collections, was established in 1997. Alix Avien is ever developing in each category of color cosmetics including face, eyes, eyebrows, lips and nails. Molecules aims to grow the brand in Oman aggressively and the GCC region by increasing online stores. The flagship store is now open at Qurum City Centre, Muscat.

Caffé Mauro, Italy

Molecules LLC brings to Oman, the coffee brand the world loves – Caffé Mauro. We are all set to start the most modern coffee experience to the taste seekers of Oman and soon all across the GCC region. The love of Caffé Mauro, Started the day they operated from the small coffee roasting machine in 1949. The love has spread from being the favorite Italian brand to a brand that has longing from all over the world. The production philosophy of the company ensures very high quality blends. The company imports coffee from Brazil, Africa, Central America and Asia to process it, adapt it to strict quality standards and create a diversified selection able to cover all the sectors of the global market.

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